Project Info

Client Intueat
Skills Brand Identity, Branding, Product Design, Graphic Design, Copy

Project Description

Luxpiration has designed the brand identity, language, and merch for Intueat a tech app that connects emerging and established chefs with people seeking in-home and or private food experiences that generate lasting moments and memories.

Founder Leonardo De Aguiar decided he wanted to do something special for his then girlfriend to showcase his affection and appreciation for her.  He wanted to plan a very intricate and Intimate date for her that wouldn’t require an outing but would instead allow for them to be home. After contemplating many ideas, he decided that he wanted to hire a private chef to come and prepare an at home meal experience for them.  Upon extensive research, he realized that the process was a nightmare to find a viable chef as they were difficult to contact and their branding and photos were very underwhelming.  He then located the US Personal Chef Association’s page and reached out to 8 different chefs only to never be contacted back.  Running out of time he ended up forgoing the grand gesture and had a friend come and cook for them.

A few weeks later, he and a friend were hanging out and brainstorming ideas when eureka struck Leonardo. He remembered his experience a few weeks prior and realized that people shouldn’t have to go through so much trouble to have a private chef experience.  “I get my groceries from an app, I get from point a to b through an app, I order a scooter from app… how come I can’t order a private chef?”  He realized that there is a new convenience wave of digital – physical lifestyle that is occurring where people are booking services digitally that manifest themselves physically.

A developer friend of Leo’s reached out to him expressing that he was looking for new projects to showcase to the firm he was working for.  Leonardo then began to explain his private chef idea to his friend who was excited about the endeavor and came on board to begin developing the app. Following this, Leonardo was able to gather further funding and also build a talented and enthusiastic team including renowned Chef, Duy Pham, bringing Intueat to life.