Luxpiration: /Lux-pe-rayshun/ 

Inspired by the utmost quality things, people, places, and concepts.

Luxpiration is a multi-discipline creative content and design agency focusing on, but not limited to, branding/marketing, photography, video, graphic design, web design, copy, audio, and product/interior design.

Our mission is to connect with our clients. We want to develop a deep understanding of your goals, and drive to the heart of what you do. Our goal is to ensure that your story is consistent across all platforms, connecting you to your target audience and bringing life to your vision. 

Content + Design

The power of content and design is both overrated and massively misunderstood.  Great design on its own, while beautiful, won’t sell.  Only when combined with a defined brand, powerful message, and strong copy will it communicate the value you offer. 

Great content and design has significant power to solve problems, and is an essential part of the brand production process – not an afterthought.  Your product speaks for itself. Your marketing and design should show a deep understanding of your identity, values, and goals to help you create a unique and cohesive brand. While many companies reactively deliver just one component of your brand puzzle, our proactive, holistic approach to brand and design, gleaned through experience with companies from startups to Fortune 500 companies, promises to remove frustration and save you time.

Great branding should answer these two questions: what you do and why people should care. The fact is, people buy based on emotional responses more than quantitative reasoning. Great design and marketing can change behaviors and make a big impact by showing how your product/service makes a difference, and not only tells – but shows – that you understand your audience and can solve their pain point or enhance their life.