What Got You There With Sean DeLaney Podcast – Branding, Website, Copy, and Music

Rebrand, website design/development, graphic design, copy, newsletter and intro/outro music for What Got You There podcast with Sean DeLaney.  As an one...
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CRTVE Media Logo Suite

Logo suite for videography company CRTVE Media.

Onefold: Mind Over Matter

Brand Identity development and creative direction for Mind Over Matter a charity based after hours event by Denver, CO brunch hotspot Onefold....
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MAC REC Logo Suite

Logo suite for youth program MAC REC.

Boyship Inc.

Branding, Logo and Merch for The Boyship Organization.  

Emily Drew Logo and Music Production

Logo and music production for music artist Emily Drew.

Justin Great Branding, Website, and E-Commerce

Branding, main website and e-commerce shop for Justin Great an American based fashion brand with a multidisciplinary approach that offers carefully crafted mens and womens...
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Will and Whimsy Design Co.

Will and Whimsy Design Co. is a company that focuses on nourishing the soul through empowering messages via handcrafted signs and designs....
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Boys and Girls Club Alumni Association Logo

Logo for the Boys and Girls Club Alumni Association of Greater Holland.  This organization focuses on galvanizing individuals whose lives were enriched through...
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Luxy Leopard Luxpiration Mascot Version 2.0

Luxy Leopard is the mascot for the Luxpiration Brand.  He is designed wearing a jean jacket, Luxpiration tee, Justin Great Jeans and...
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