Justin Great Season 2 Launch Party Marketing Material

Marketing material for Justin Great Season 2 Launch Party. Flyers Digital Marketing Step And Repeat Logos

Justin Great – FASHION Album Art and Merch

Album art and marketing materials for Justin Great’s debut album FASHION. Album available via (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Google Play,...
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Justin Great “NATURE” Cover Art and Merch

4 album art designs plus merch for Justin Great’s 2016 Mixtape NATURE. ¬†Each design reflects and embodies wilderness elements to help the...
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Justin Great Black Richie Rich Album Art and Merch

Design of the¬†album art and merch for Justin Great’s first mixtape (non official album) Black Richie Rich. Download this project for free...
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MIRROR MIRROR Short Film Poster

Graphic art and photography for the song/musical short film MIRROR MIRROR by Justin Great.