William Grant & Sons – Stand Fast (Brand Identity + Merch Guide)

Project Info

Client William Grant & Sons
Skills Brand Identity, Branding, Product Design, Graphic Design, Copy

Project Description

Luxpiration has designed the brand identity, merch and brand language William Grant & Sons STAND FAST initiative, a relief effort arm that is focused on giving back to the beverage industry in times of need.

William Grant & Sons is an independent, family-owned Scottish company that distills Scotch whisky and other selected categories of spirits. It was established in 1887 by William Grant, and is now run by the descendants of the founder. It is the largest of the handful of Scotch whisky distillers remaining in family ownership. “William Grant & Sons” is often abbreviated to “W. Grant & Sons” or just “Grant’s”, after their blended whisky of the same name.

The company is the third largest producer of Scotch whisky (8% market share) shipping about 7.6 million cases per year, with brands including Glenfiddich and Balvenie. The first and second largest, respectively, are Diageo (34.4%), and Pernod Ricard. The company is registered at The Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown. The main operational headquarters are located at Strathclyde Business Park, North Lanarkshire. Sales and marketing headquarters are in Richmond, London. The company is a member of the Scotch Whisky Association.

The master blender of Grant’s is Brian Kinsman, who succeeded David Stewart who had been in his post for 47 years, the longest serving master blender with one distiller in the industry.

WG&S Stand Fast’s elegant visual identity uses elements from the core brand’s identity as a base to build a new identity utilizing modern design components.

To complement this, a bold colour palette and revised typography echoes the brave actions the initiative aims to execute. We created 6 fresh and clean logos that we feel will transfer the bold energy of this initiative in a universally digestible way in regards to merch and goods.

Luxpiration also worked closely with WG&S on copy and  tone of voice, establishing brand guidelines for Stand Fast.  These guidelines reflect the values of this ambitious and innovative organization, which aims to redefine and redistribute value for the good of all.