Jose Cuervo

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Client Jose Cuervo
Skills Photography, Videography

Project Description

Photo and video content of Jose Cuervo’s distillery and agave fields in Tequila Mexico.

The best-selling tequila in the world, Jose Cuervo, has a legacy dating back 250 years. The brand’s founder, Jose Antonio de Cuervo y Valdés, planted the first blue agave succulents in the 1700s, a venture that has expanded to millions of these treasured ice-blue plants in Jalisco, Mexico. Jose Cuervo is owned by the Beckmann family, descendants of Cuervo himself. The liquor’s impressive distillery, La Rojeña, is located along the cobblestone streets in Tequila, Mexico, and remains a highly recommended tourist destination.

Jose Cuervo tequila is available in different styles and recipes. Some higher-end varieties use 100% Blue Weber agave, though more affordable “mixto” blends (which employ sugarcane and agave) are also on the market; Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila is a blended tequila and the most widely available product in the Jose Cuervo line.

Beyond its tequila line, Jose Cuervo makes canned margaritas (no blender required) and even a line of hard seltzers. They’ve made innovative strides toward repurposing the full agave cactus beyond just the sugary hearts of the plant. Sip your next margarita with a straw made from agave or catch a wave on an agave surfboard. This classic yet adaptable brand is a great accessory for any party.