Hana Matsuri

Project Info

Client Masas and Agaves
Skills Video Production, Photography

Project Description

Hana Matsuri is an authentic Japanese sushi restaurant, located in the heart of Denver, Colorado, The culinary haven that brings the vibrant flavors and rich culinary heritage of Japan, to the Rocky Mountains. The restaurant boasts an authentic menu featuring traditional Japanese dishes, carefully curated with locally sourced ingredients and time-honored recipes. From mouthwatering sushi to a tastebud tailored omakase, Hana Matsuri invites patrons on a tantalizing journey through the diverse and unforgettable flavors of Japanese cuisine.

Client Objective:

Hana Matsuri sought the expertise of Luxpiration to visually capture and showcase the essence of their restaurant, including the diverse menu, the authentic ambiance, and the unique Japanese experience. The goal was to create high-quality photography and video content that could be utilized across various marketing channels, social media platforms, and their official website.

Luxpiration’s Approach:

  1. Creative Brief:

Luxpiration collaborated closely with Hana Matsuri to understand their brand identity, target audience, and the unique elements that set them apart. This information guided the development of a creative brief, ensuring alignment between the visuals created and the essence of the restaurant.

  1. Pre-production Planning:

Thorough pre-production planning was undertaken, including location scouting, shot list creation, and talent coordination. Luxpiration worked closely with Hana Matsuri to schedule the photoshoots and video sessions to minimize disruption to regular business operations.

  1. On-site Photography and Videography:

Luxpiration’s team conducted on-site photography and videography sessions, capturing the vibrant colors, textures, and atmosphere of Hana Matsuri. The focus was on highlighting the authenticity of the dishes, the warmth of the ambiance, and the unique Japanese experience.

  1. Post-production Excellence:

Post-production involved meticulous editing and enhancement of the visual content to ensure that it aligned with Hana Matsuri brand aesthetic. This phase also included the creation of engaging captions and narratives to accompany the visuals across various platforms.

  1. Delivery of Assets:

 Luxpiration delivered a comprehensive set of high-resolution images and professionally edited videos to Hana Matsuri. These assets were optimized for different platforms, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing presence across marketing materials, social media channels, and the official website.


Results and Impact:

  1. Enhanced Brand Image:

Luxpiration’s visually stunning content elevated Hana Matsuri’s brand image, effectively communicating the authenticity and uniqueness of the restaurant.

  1. Increased Engagement:

The engaging visuals contributed to increased social media engagement, with likes, shares, and comments reflecting a positive response from the audience.

  1. Marketing Success:

Luxpiration’s contribution played a pivotal role in Hana Matsuri’s marketing success, helping them attract new patrons, retain existing customers, and establish a strong online presence.

In conclusion, Luxpiration’s collaboration with Hana Matsuri demonstrates the agency’s commitment to delivering visually compelling content that not only meets but exceeds the client’s expectations, contributing to the overall success of the restaurant’s marketing efforts.