Chance Sports

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Client Chance Sports
Skills Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Website Design

Project Description

Chance Sports is a scholarship organization that provides assistance to Colorado youth from low-income families, to access elite sports programs and learn leadership and team-building skills that will benefit them on and off the athletic field.  More than that – they are a bold, driven community of leaders who accelerate human potential, one chance at a time.

Chance Sports reached out to us to generate its entire creative.  We began the process by developing the bold and hope-filled name “Chance Sports”.  We sat with the founders and learned the inspiring history and heart behind the organization.  We were able to then take the inspiring words from Chance’s founders to craft the Chance story through compelling copy that lead us to a dynamic yet aesthetically pleasing brand identity.  Following the birth of Chance’s branding, we were able to apply the copy we developed, the brand identity, and captivating photos and videos when developing and designing their highly functional and seamless website.

We then sought to make the brand tangible by designing and developing stationary, merch and uniforms.

Their name says what we all know to be true. If you give someone a chance, an opportunity, a level playing field, hope… you can change the world. Their mission started as all dreams do: with a need. As fathers and community leaders they watched kids get excluded from the benefits of competitive sports based on a lack of disposable income.  And they knew that they had an opportunity to make a difference that could shape not only community courts, fields, diamonds, and tracks but neighborhoods, schools, communities, cities, and the state of Colorado.

The Chance Sports mission is simple: To provide student-athletes with the financial support to access competitive club sports, and to learn leadership and team building skills that will benefit them on and off the athletic field.

To understand the mission, you have to understand their philosophy.  Together, they’re bringing down the barrier of entry for families to give their children the opportunity to get to an elite level of athletics, and in return, the hope is that their investment will create dividends – a ripple effect – with these same student athletes becoming leaders that will grow and succeed and give back in the future.

They’re giving people a chance – a golden ticket – removing financial barriers to hard-working, dedicated, and prepared young boys and girls, increasing the probability that they will win the game of pro sports (and life)