Beagans 1806

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Client Beagans 1806
Skills Videography

Project Description

Beagans 1806 makes craft spirited cocktails accessible without sacrificing strength and flavor.

BEAGANS 1806 ® translates from Gaelic as little one, but with an impressive range of 12.5%-20% ABV, these provide a craft-strength canned cocktail experience.

Our industry and, in fact, our culture, have benefited greatly from the creation of the cocktail. And it is with these guides as our compass, we set out to create award-winning craft classic cocktails in a can. Working with an esteemed mixologist, we achieved authentic bar quality cocktails, both in strength and flavor. Consuming BEAGANS 1806 ® craft strength cocktails can be as easy as cracking open a cold can, but by design, they are also great poured over ice or finished with your ideal garnish.

BEAGANS 1806 ® celebrates diversity and the right to enjoy your freedoms. We push the boundaries of expectation, leaving decisions where they should be… in your hands.

Directed by Eric Donzella