Apartment Bartender – Website Refresh

Project Info

Client Apartment Bartender
Skills Website, Graphic Design, Copy

Project Description

Website re-design/development and copy for premium drink/lifestyle experience company Apartment Bartender.

During the rebranding process, including countless hours of brainstorming, research, and graphic design, we dedicated ourselves to discovering and expressing the voice of founder and drink influencer Elliott Clark.  We ensured the fingerprints he built AB with were still present but with a refreshed perspective and modernized aesthetic.

Following the re-branding process we took the new look and married it with compelling words to build an attractive and sleek website for Apartment Bartender that would keep AB’s audience highly engaged.

Apartment Bartender creates, curates, and manages premium drink and lifestyle experiences through world class content, events, and recipes. As the influential voice in the drink market. Apartment Bartender acts as the bridge between the drink industry and the consumer.